Why Should You Choose Solar Energy?

If you’re thinking about solar energy, you may be weighing the costs and benefits. Is solar right for you? Should you take advantage of this option?

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment?

Solar panels cost money, both for the parts and the installation. However, solar energy offers several remarkable benefits:

  • Solar saves you money on energy bills. You use energy from the sun. The cost of solar energy is less than the cost of electricity produced in other ways. As energy costs go up at your utility company, the amount of your solar savings increases. Some customers can dramatically reduce or virtually eliminate their energy costs with solar.
  • Solar incentives. Federal tax credits a certain percentage of your installation costs with no cap can help make your system more affordable.  Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) provides you with an additional income stream.
  • Solar improves home value. Buyers like to see solar energy because it means they can worry less about electrical costs. Home appraisers often value a solar energy system at, or above the cost of parts and installation. Best of all, it will not depreciate the way the remodel of a room will. Your residential solar energy system will improve your home’s value for years to come.
  • Earn back your investment. Many customers find they can earn back the money they have invested in their solar system in just a few years.
  • Solar systems offer lots of options. You can go off-grid or stay on the grid by selling back excess power. You can install solar panels on your roof or you can have a ground-mounted system. You can even use solar as a backup source of power. KC Green Energy can create a custom solution that will work to meet your needs.
  • Solar is easy to install. KC Green Energy takes care of all the details for you. We evaluate your site to creating a custom plan, install the system, process financing, review your incentives and take care of all the paperwork. We handle all the little details so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Solar is a renewable source of energy. You never have to worry about rising fossil fuel prices or the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels.
  • Solar systems can provide energy even when traditional power systems fail. An off-grid system basically eliminates your dependence on the power grid. No matter what happens to the grid, you will still have your own source of energy.
  • You start saving right away. You can see the results of switching to solar immediately, so you don’t have to wait to start enjoying the benefits.

Is Solar Power Worth It?

Ultimately, only you can decide that. KC Green Energy customers are telling us how much they appreciate their solar systems. You can read about some of their experiences for yourself or contact KC Green Energy today to learn more about a custom solar system and our energy-saving solar panels for your property.


Solar Economics

Warning: solar energy savings may be larger than you think!

If you’re thinking of switching to solar energy, you may be surprised at just how good an investment it is. From incentives to savings, solar energy can be a strong financial choice.

Government Incentives for Solar Energy

One of the primary reasons why solar energy is a smart investment is because of the incentives available:

  • Tax deductions. If you have a business or you run a business from home, you may be able to claim your solar energy system as a tax deduction, just as you claim any equipment.
  • Federal tax credits. You can enjoy a 30% federal tax credit on the cost of your solar system. There is no cap on the credit and it can be applied to future years as well.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Regulations mandate that Pennsylvania power companies buy at least some of their power from renewable sources. This means you can sell energy to your utility company and get paid for it. You can use SRECs in addition to tax credits and tax deductions.

How Much Can I Save With Solar Power?

Incentives only tell part of the story. You also enjoy cost savings for the entire lifetime of your solar system, whether or not you take advantage of any of the incentives.

Once you switch to solar energy, you’ll start seeing energy savings immediately. Some customers with KC Green Energy nearly eliminate their energy bills entirely, while others see them significantly reduced. How much you will save will depend on how much space you have for panels, how much energy you consume and your current energy costs.

Keep in mind, too, that KC Green Energy offers financing options to help make your solar energy system even more affordable.


The KC Green Energy team of professionals can help you determine how much you can save. Just contact KC Green Energy today. Our professionals can conduct a site and energy analysis. The site analysis will examine your property to determine how much space you have for a system and how much solar energy you can produce. An energy analysis will look at your energy consumption to determine how much energy you use.

Together, this information will help us evaluate how much you can see in savings with solar energy. You can also set up your site analysis by contacting KC Green Energy at (855) 465-2473.

Why Should You Choose Solar Energy?