Solar Panel Installation Company in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster is a beautiful city divided between suburban, urban and rural areas. No matter where you live in this beautiful area, you may have heard about solar energy, and you may be interested in learning more. For Lancaster, PA, residents, and businesses interested in raising your property value or getting rid of your variable electricity bill, solar panel installation may be the answer.

As one of the earliest Lancaster solar companies, KC Green Energy has been helping people in the area with their solar installation needs for more than a decade. We are a division of Kautz Construction, a family-owned general contracting business that has always put customer satisfaction ahead of everything else. We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure you can trust us to be honest and demonstrate integrity in everything we do. We won’t use high-pressure sales tactics or pass on any hidden costs.

Our office is located on Loop Road in Lancaster PA. With easy access from Lincoln Highway, 283, Route 30, and Manheim Pike.

1262 Loop Road, Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: (717) 290-6094
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KC Green Energy Lancaster Office

Benefits of Solar Panels in Lancaster

Finding a solar energy installer in Lancaster can provide you with many benefits. You may already know solar is a source of green energy, making it an environmentally friendly replacement for electricity. But did you know you can also earn money back on your new solar system?

The federal government offers an Investment Tax Credit that can reduce your costs by 26 percent if you qualify (decreases substantially in 2023). You can also enjoy programs for Pennsylvanians that make your solar panel investment put dividends in your pocket. You can “bank” excess energy produced by your solar panels, then use it later in the months when you do not create as much energy. Or, you could sell that energy back to your utility.

Your Local Installer

We provide high-quality service that sets us apart from other solar companies.

When you get in touch, we will analyze your property and provide a custom design aimed at maximizing the return on your investment. We look at your energy bills and use them to determine how you can save money with solar. To qualify for solar, your roof must:

  • Face east, west or south
  • Get manageable shade from surrounding locations
  • Be in good condition

Is your roof in less-than-ideal shape? We can also combine roof and solar installations. We have been in the roofing business for over 45 years so we are your single source solution–one contractor for solar and roofing. We want to earn long-term customer satisfaction, so we are dedicated to giving you what you need in your home.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Solar Power System

We want to be your solar installer in Lancaster. Let us talk to you about the possibilities for your home or business. Contact us online today, or give us a call at (855) 465-2473 to set up a free consultation for solar energy options that will last a lifetime.