Custom Solar Power Solutions For Your Home

Residential Solar Panel Systems Designed Specifically for Your Home

Our accredited project engineers will perform a free site analysis in order to create a customized solar for home system to suit your needs and maximize your return on investment. We will use your energy bills to pinpoint how a solar energy system can save you money. The ideal candidate has a roof area that generally faces south, east or west. You should also have little shading from your surroundings, and a roof that is in good condition. We customize our proposals to build a customized solar panel system that suits your budget and electrical production needs.

Quality that Outlasts the Competition

We believe in residential systems that not only provide efficient production and take careful consideration of what the finished product will look like.

We care about aesthetics and understand that you take pride in your home. We take careful consideration of the location of solar panels, conduit, and wiring so all you see is a beautiful solar panel array. We work on all types of systems from ground-mounted to customized rooftop solar panel system. We ensure that our solar arrays are installed correctly and efficiently.

We are not your typical solar company; we are a division of a family owned general contracting business that believes in customer satisfaction and the highest level of standards. We do not subcontract!

We Do All the Paperwork

The submittals and inspections for solar projects can be extensive and complicated, but you can rest easy. KC Green Energy completes all the paperwork for the system including utility interconnection applications, any applicable grant/rebate paperwork, inspections, registrations for performance incentives, and all necessary permits. No surprises, no added costs, and no strings attached! KC Green Energy takes care of everything so that you can sit back and enjoy those sunny days.

Time is running out to install your new solar system!


30% Federal Tax Credit

  • Can be applied in future years.
  • Includes all material and labor costs.
  • There is no cap for this incentive.

Reduce or virtually eliminate your electric bills                  

  • Immediately see your electric bills decrease.
  • “Bank” unused electricity sent back to the grid and credit your utility account.
  • Overproduction of energy will result in your utility company paying you.

Earn additional income with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

  • PA Utility companies are required to buy the SRECs that you produce.
  • These credits are in addition to the money saved on your electric bills.

Average ROI of 10%

  • Your system will be paid in full with years of production existing.
  • Continue producing SRECs long after your payback.
  • As electric rates rise, so do your savings!
  • Actual life expectancy of our Solar panels is 30-40 years.

Increase the Value of Your Home

  • Average increase in home value of 20 times your first year’s energy savings.
    Example:  savings of $1,000 per year = $20,000 per home appraisal value.