Residential Solar Panel Installation

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You already know that going solar offers plenty of benefits — now you need to find the right system and a team to install it. This project is more than just mounting some panels on your roof. You need a professional eye to find the right solution for your location, budget and expectations. That’s why you should work with a residential solar company you trust to get the job done right.

At KC Green Energy, we’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality panels and customized services that will benefit your family for years to come.

Are Solar Panels Right for Your Home?

Solar panels offer an excellent opportunity to save money and increase the value of your home. That said, some properties are a better fit for solar panels than others. You’ll need to consider a few factors before beginning the project.

The ideal roof for solar panel installation is in good condition and has minimal shading. It should also face south, east or west. North-facing roofs won’t get as much direct sunlight.

Still not sure whether solar panels are the right choice for your home? When you get in touch with KC Green Energy, we’ll send our experts to your property to conduct a thorough site analysis. We’ll customize a proposal to build you a system that will fit your budget and needs.

Take a look at our residential solar panel installation process:

  • Step 1: We’ll review your home and electric bill to ensure a beneficial recommendation.
  • Step 2: Our team will schedule a time to review your proposal.
  • Step 3: We’ll provide you with a contract and an installation timeline.
  • Step 4: We will complete and submit all the required paperwork.
  • Step 5: We’ll schedule the installation at your convenience.
  • Step 6: Our team will set you up with a solar renewable energy certificates program (SREC) and give you all the necessary information.

With this approach, we can make recommendations to ensure the best results from your solar system.

residential solar panel installation on house in strasburg

Why KC Green Energy?

Why trust a residential solar installer who doesn’t know roofs? As a division of Kautz Construction, KC Green Energy is your one-stop shop for any solar and roofing needs. Our family-owned company has over three decades of experience in roofing and construction. We take pride in the work we do to provide you with quality services that won’t damage your roof.

At KC Green Energy, our experts specialize in installing and designing solar panel systems for homes. With years of experience in electrical, roofing and general construction, we can handle your residential solar panel installation from start to finish. We offer honest communication at every step — no hidden fees, no pressure and no strings attached. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork to give you more time to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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