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    PPL Commercial Solar Rebate

    The solar rebate is only available to businesses in the PPL electric utility area. The incentive application can be filed prior to installation to reserve the rebate, at no cost!

    The PPL solar rebate, combined with the Federal Tax Incentives (26% Tax Credit & Bonus Depreciation) can cover 75% of the system's cost within the first year, with an average payback period of 3-4 years.
    Our team will come to your business for a thorough site analysis to determine how much solar energy your property can create. We can also examine your energy usage and costs to give you a sense of how much money you can save.

    We’re experts in designing and installing solar energy systems. Our roofing, electrical and construction experience provides us with the expertise to install grid-tied solar systems and off-grid solar systems. No matter your solar energy needs, our team is willing to help. Produce your own electric, lower operating costs, and hedge against utility rate inflation. There have been two PPL rate increases in 6 months totaling a 50% increase. Act now!

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