Single Source Solution – Roofing and Solar

Providing Solar Energy to Businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland

Commercial Solar Panels & Roofing

business with solar panelsNot only can we provide a turnkey commercial solar system, but we can install new roofs as well. We provide one warranty for the entire job. This will take care of all your solar and roof maintenance for the lifetime of the system.

You don’t need to settle for installers who lack roofing experience. We are a team that has over 40 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry. We can correctly mount any custom solar energy system so you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your roof. We are dedicated to maximizing your business’s return on investment by designing the perfect application for your unique situation.

Many installers lack the roofing knowledge to properly mount a system to your existing roof. If your roofing manufacturer’s specifications are not followed, or the paperwork is not filed with the manufacturer for a reinspection once the system is complete, your roof warranty could be voided. We have a track record of protecting our customers, and even issue a KC Green Warranty on your roof, even if we didn’t install it! Our pre-installation roof inspection ensures that your roof is adequate to install solar panels without running into a leaky roof down the road.

Remote System Monitoring for Your Commercial Solar Energy System

It may be your solar electric system, but it’s still our baby.

commercial solar panels across entire flat roof

KC Green Energy systems feature robust monitoring that allows us to ensure your system is performing at the highest level. Our customers can view the production of their customized solar electricity system from anywhere with internet access. Monitoring systems allow us to set alarms that are sent to our service department and our customers whenever an issue arises or when production is lower than expected. We install a weather station to pinpoint exactly what your system should be producing based on ambient temperature, solar irradiance, etc. We check on our systems regularly and have an ongoing relationship with our customers.

Let us help you increase your company’s green profile with your customers. We can install a monitoring display in your lobby and create a link on your website. We can create custom marketing pamphlets about your system, so your customers can learn the details of your system and your company’s commitment to the environment.

At KC Green Energy we take pride in our work. You can expect quality and superior performance that is second to none.

No Better Time Than Now to Have Your Business Switch to Solar

Time is running out to install your new solar system!

30% Federal Tax Credit – Expires in 2020!

  • 30% of total project cost.
  • There is no cap for this incentive.
  • Can be carried forward.

Reduce or virtually eliminate your electric bills

  • Immediately see your electric bills decrease.
  • Watch your utility meter spin backwards!
  • “Bank” unused electricity sent back to the grid and use it next month.
  • Overproduction of energy will result in your utility company paying you at year end.

Earn additional income with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

  • Get paid for having your own renewable energy facility.
  • Utility companies are required to buy the SRECs that your system creates.
  • These credits are in addition to the money saved on your electric bills.

Equipment Depreciation

  • The basis of the cost of the system can be reduced from your taxable income.
  • By reducing your taxable income basis, you will save thousands on your taxes.
  • Example: A $100,000 solar system would carry a tax write-off of $85,000, in addition to the 30% tax credit.

Average Estimated Payback Estimated at 5-6 Years

  • Turn energy savings into income.
  • Your system will be paid in full with 20+ years of expected production remaining.
  • Continue producing electricity and SRECs long after your system is paid off.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your company’s green profile.

Increase the Value of Your Building

  • Energy Savings is worth substantial dollars and makes your building more attractive in the event of a sale.