Power Your Farm With Solar Energy

Thinking of powering your farm with solar? At KC Green Energy, our experienced team can help you reap the full advantages of solar power. Get a high-quality system that’s built to your farm’s exact needs and energy demands.

How Your Farm Can Use Solar Panels 

Solar energy for agriculture is booming. There are a few ways your farm can use your solar power:

  • Power source: Many farmers are adding solar agriculture equipment to their barns, homes, and pastures to maximize their solar energy production. This will help power your operation with renewable energy. By doing this, farms are saving millions of dollars. One farm estimated their savings will exceed $10 million in 20 years.
  • Cash crop: For farmers, solar energy is a reliable crop. During poor growing seasons from droughts, you can depend on your solar energy production. That’s why farmers are transforming their land into solar farms and selling their power to utility companies.

The beauty of solar panels for farm use is that you can use them to both power and support your farm.

Advantages of Solar Energy for Agriculture

Solar power for agriculture centers has many benefits:

  • Cost control: Energy cost fluctuations tend to go up. With solar energy, you and your family don’t have to worry about rising energy costs when your solar energy system is providing all the power you need to operate your farm.
  • Maintenance: No matter what type of farming you do, your time is valuable. Adding a solar energy system that requires daily, weekly or monthly maintenance doesn’t help you. Our systems are maintenance-free.
  • Deductions: Adopting agricultural solar power is a smart tax decision. Save on your taxes with equipment depreciation. Due to 2018 tax changes, the cost of your solar energy system is now fully depreciated within the first year from your taxable income, which can save you thousands.  In addition, you are also provided a federal investment tax credit (ITC). The ITC is equivalent to 30% of the total cost of your system, including all labor and material.  A tax credit is a dollar to dollar reduction on your income taxes.  Take a $100,000 system, for example. You’ll receive a 30 percent federal tax credit, plus an $85,000 tax write-off. Clearly, the numbers add up and going solar is a smart investment for farmers.
  • Payback: When you’re investing in new farm equipment, you estimate how long for it to produce its cost. With our commercial-sized solar installations, we’ve done it for you. On average, most systems take five to six years.

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Add Solar Agriculture Equipment to Your Farm

As a company based in the farming community of Lancaster, PA, we know the difference solar energy for agriculture can make, from reducing your costs to earning you extra money year-round. When you work with our family-owned business, you can trust we’ll treat you like one of our own: with respect, honesty and integrity.

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