Will Solar Panels Work When It Snows?

Central Pennsylvania and New Jersey typically receive a significant amount of snow during the winter, so you may wonder if installing solar panels is a wise investment. The good news is that snow does not significantly affect the performance of your solar panels in the long term.

Solar panels work better when they’re not under constantly sunny conditions, so winter weather can actually give your panels a much-needed break. Even if you receive a few inches of snow, your panels will continue to operate. Most solar panels can withstand the temperature and weight of up to four feet of snow.

Solar Panels Work in Every Season

Professionally manufactured and installed solar panels are made to work day after day, including during the coldest months of the year. They capture sunlight and turn it into direct current (DC) and then alternating current (AC) power. If your utility provider offers net metering, you can send some of the excess power back to the provider and build up credit.

Heavy snowfall may interrupt the process of collecting and converting sunlight for a few hours or days, but it’s only temporary. Plus, you won’t be without electricity in the event of a snowstorm. When you need to use more power than your solar panels can make, you can take power from the grid using your net metering credits. If you’re not able to use net metering, you may choose to store excess energy from your panels through a self-contained battery system.

Snow may make your solar panels stop producing energy temporarily. However, your solar panel system will offer enough money-saving benefits during the rest of the year to make up the difference.

Do You Need to Clean Snow Off Solar Panels?

You do not need to clean snow off your solar panels. Your solar panels may be located in a hard-to-reach area, such as on the roof and accessing them could be hazardous, putting your safety at risk. Panels are installed at an angle and they retain heat so the snow will normally melt off the panels within a day.

Solar panels are also highly sensitive equipment. While they can withstand direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions, the modules and their components can be damaged or scratched by a broom, scraper or snow shovel and your warranty can be voided. Let the snow melt naturally rather than trying to wipe off your panels.

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