Klinge Corporation

We finally decided to invest in a solar system to manufacture our own energy because of the Federal Tax Credit and other incentives. We received several proposals but chose KC Green Energy because of their professionalism in their approach and presentation, technical knowledge and system design, price competitiveness, and knowledge of roofs. Their roofing division guided us in terms of which buildings would make the most sense to install the solar system and what type of roofing system and specification is best for under a new solar system. Their combined expertise in solar and roofing was the deciding factor because of their “Single Source” service for solar and roofing. Having a single source contractor eliminates the potential for “misses in overall design or execution and” finger-pointing between a roofing contractor and solar contractor down the road should warranty issues be involved.  We are happy with our solar investment and our relationship with Kautz Construction, owners of KC Green Energy and Kautz Roofing, both as a solar system supplier and a roofing supplier.