How to Help Your Business Meet It’s Sustainability Goals

Companies everywhere face the challenge of striking the appropriate balance between meeting their business objectives and being good stewards of the environment. As a result, the concept of sustainability is now a critical component of many organizations’ strategic planning processes. While developing a cost-effective business sustainability strategy isn’t necessarily easy, it is essential for meeting the […]

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Can I Purchase Solar Panels and Install Them Myself?

Buying solar panels for your home is a fantastic investment if you want to save money on your energy bills and raise the resale value of your home. You may be wondering, “can I install the solar panels myself?” This DIY approach may seem tempting. After all, you might assume you cut expenses when you […]

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Guide to New Jersey Solar Incentives

Many residential and commercial property owners across the United States are going “off the grid” and converting to renewable energy sources such as solar power for a host of environmental and financial reasons. But is solar worth it in NJ? If you own a home or business in the Garden State and are considering installing […]

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Going Green Case Study – Results From KC Green Energy

Highland Self-Storage: The Switch to Solar and Results About 10 years ago, Jonathan Brett and his wife, Allison, began their journey to financial security and independence when they began construction of their two Highlands Self Storage buildings. Jonathan recalls the construction building process was so agonizing it nearly broke them financially and almost deterred them […]

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The Federal Tax Credit for Installing Solar Panels

As if installing solar panels doesn’t already give you various advantages, you can further your benefits by claiming a solar tax credit. Also known as investment tax credit, or ITC, it lets you deduct 26 percent off the price of installing solar panels from your federal taxes. So, not only will you receive reduced or […]

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