How Solar Energy and Batteries Can Replace a High Utility Bill

Are you looking for a way to reduce your monthly energy bill? Consider the benefits of installing solar panels. Solar energy isn’t just clean — it’s a solid investment that can put money back in your pocket. Some homeowners even receive a negative electric bill or credits on their bill from the energy provider as a result of going solar.

How Solar Can Help You Save on Your Utility Bill

Solar panels come with a number of money-saving advantages that can help reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bill. A solar panel system collects sunlight and converts it into direct current (DC) power and then into alternating current (AC) power. You can use the energy immediately, or if you don’t need the energy right away or it’s more than you need, you can send it back to the energy provider through net metering.

What Is Net Metering?

Net metering allows you to send excess solar energy back to the grid. You get credits for the excess energy, and the power company gets more energy for their customers.  In some circumstances, homeowners send so much energy back to their utility provider that they have a zero-balance electricity bill.

Many utility providers offer a net metering program, so your first step is to conduct research into options in your local area. Utilities in several states belong to Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) programs that reward them for getting a certain percentage of their energy from renewable sources, such as solar energy.

What Are Solar Batteries?

A solar battery allows you to collect backup power in a sustainable way. Unlike a generator that burns fossil fuels, your solar battery will run on the excess energy your solar panels produce. Solar batteries offer an alternative to net metering and can even allow some homes to be entirely off-grid. They do add a substantial amount to your solar cost but are extremely beneficial if you have issues with power outages.

Tap into your solar battery in the evening or anytime you need more power than your solar panels can immediately provide. With your battery always available, you should not run out of energy as long as you have the correct number of solar panels for your kilowatt-hour usage, lifestyle and climate. 

Ways You Can Afford a New Solar Panel System

A big question among many homeowners is how they can pay for the upfront cost of a solar panel system. The price of solar panels can be reduced thanks to financing and federal tax credits. 

Financing your solar panels over a period of time can help you get more control over your electricity costs. Eventually, you’ll own your solar panels and they can start paying for themselves. By financing your solar you eliminate or greatly reduce your electric bill and instead of  paying your electric bill, you pay your solar loan. Once your solar loan is paid off, you continue to harness the power of the sun and live free of huge electric bills. Federal tax credits are another way to reap the benefits of a significantly lower energy bill. You can lower your taxable income and receive solar energy at the same time.

Learn More About the Money-Saving Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels can be a wise investment for many homeowners interested in taking back control over their utility bills. KC Green Energy has helped many households in Central Pennsylvania enjoy the significant energy savings of installing a solar panel system. To schedule a free consultation contact our team online today.