Why Do You Need My Electricity Usage to Design a Solar Energy System?

While installing solar panels may seem like a one-and-done task, it takes precise calculations and professional insights to determine what system will work best for your business or home. You may wonder, “Why is annual electricity usage needed to design a solar energy system?”

When KC Green Energy receives your electric bill, it gives them a vision of how much electricity your business or home consumes on an annual basis, allowing them to design specific plans and systems for each of our clients. During the process, they consider two factors: the amount of space you have available and how much energy you consume each year. Other considerations include shading around the business or house and the efficiency of the solar panels and inverters.

Why Energy Usage Is Important When Designing a Solar Energy System

Providing your installer with your energy bills gives them an idea of what type of system will work best for your situation. They determine your daily energy use by calculating watt-hour use of each month per year. Then, they can estimate how many solar panels you’ll need and search for the right solar system based on efficiency and output.

Along with your energy usage, they also conduct other steps to design your solar system. Our team will:

  1. Perform a site survey to conclude the optimum location for the panels and other components
  2. Figure out sizing, energy storage, charge controllers and inverter sizing
  3. Meet with the customer to discuss the plan.

How Much Power Is Needed in Determining Solar Energy System Design?

Providing the annual electric usage will help solar installers understand how much energy you consume throughout the year. From there, they can conclude how big of a solar system you’ll need to offset 100 percent of your usage.

The power solar panel systems can generate varies by roof positioning and your location, but all solutions are intended to cover 100 percent of your annual electricity bills. You can see the kilowatt-hours you use on your monthly bills — so, your average daily electricity consumption is total kilowatt-hours divided by 365.

How Does Annual Utility Usage Factor Into a Solar Energy Design With KC Green Energy?

Knowing the yearly utility usage of a business or home is one of the most significant factors in determining a solar energy design for our clients. It helps us estimate future expectancies and decide what type of solution will give you the best results and a higher return on investment.

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