Can I Purchase Solar Panels and Install Them Myself?

Buying solar panels for your home is a fantastic investment if you want to save money on your energy bills and raise the resale value of your home. You may be wondering, “can I install the solar panels myself?” This DIY approach may seem tempting. After all, you might assume you cut expenses when you don’t hire an installer.

DIY is best left to easier tasks, though — such as fixing a clogged sink or sealing your windows. Do-it-yourself solar installation is not a smart approach.

DIY Solar Installation Pros and Cons

Cons of DIY Solar

The biggest reason non-professionals should not install solar panels is that it’s a highly technical task requiring a level of knowledge and skill that most people do not possess. Just a few of the things you need to know in order to install solar panels properly include:

  • What angle you will tilt the panels at
  • What size panel you need to generate the right amount of power
  • Whether your roof has enough space for the panels
  • Whether your roof is strong enough to hold the panels

Imagine trying to install the panels without knowing the answer to these questions. If your roof isn’t strong enough to handle the panels, they could come crashing through while you try to install them. Then you would need to pay to replace the roof, an added expense you weren’t counting on.

Another reason you shouldn’t install solar panels on your own is that a kit will be much less effective than something custom designed specifically for your house. Customization takes into account things such as how much shade your house gets and where the sun hits your roof. Plus, if the panels aren’t installed correctly, they won’t generate as much power as they should. This means you won’t save as much money on your electricity bill.

Solar wiring can be dangerous. In addition to the immediate danger posed whenever you handle wiring, an improperly installed solar wire can spark power surges that could destroy your inverter and lead to a fire. Wires that are cut the wrong way can also short out when it rains, posing a threat of fire as well.

Finally, there’s a lot of technical know-how solar installers have that you can benefit from. They know how to secure the proper permits and follow local regulations. You also may not be eligible for some tax breaks and other incentives unless you get your solar panels installed by a professional.

Contact KC Green Energy for Solar Panel Installation

Can you buy and install your own solar panels? Yes. Should you? No. Ultimately, you may end up paying more money and wasting a lot of time if you try to install solar panels yourself. Instead, leave it up to the experts. If you want to get solar panels for your home in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, contact KC Green Energy for a free consultation. Reach us online or call 855-465-2473.