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The 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit has been extended through 2022!

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How Solar Can Benefit You

For a commercial or residential property, KC Green Energy can help you reap these benefits of solar energy:

  • Tax Credits: Reduce the total cost of your system with the 26% federal tax credit. Homeowners and businesses are eligible for the 26% tax credit through the end of 2022.
  • Electric Bill Savings: Take control of your electric bill by reducing or eliminating your monthly bill from your electric company. Bill savings will pay for the cost of your green solar energy system in a few years, after which you will have many years of free electricity.
  • Energy Independence: Free yourself from the arbitrary and inevitable electricity rate increase from your utility company. Produce your own, clean energy!


Saving You Money at Home

We have helped many residents in PA, New Jersey and Maryland save money on their electric bills by installing solar panels!

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…or Your Business

Invest your hard earned money into your business not your electric bill. We have a custom approach for each business we service!

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Solar Incentives

Tax Credits

The Federal Tax Credit amounts to 26% of the total cost of your solar system. There is no cap and the credit can be carried forward into other years. This incentive is in place until 2022.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

For every 1,000 kWh of solar energy your system produces, you earn 1 SREC, which can be sold on the open market. SRECs provide you with another source of income for many years, in addition to the other solar incentives you enjoy.

Commercial Tax Advantages

In addition to the federal tax credit, you can write off the cost of your solar system using MACRS depreciation, just as you would any equipment you buy for your company.

What Our Customers Say Kyle - Palmyra, PA

residential solar panel installation on house in strasburg

They did a great job of explaining the process and answering any questions I had.

What Our Customers Say Jim - Lewisburg, PA

residential solar install front

This was about as seamless and efficient a process as one can imagine. A great job in all aspects. I highly recommend KC Green Energy.

What Our Customers Say Lindsay - Lancaster, PA

Fantastic customer service, great quality of work. Superb communications during the entire project!

What Our Customers Say Klinge Corporation - York, PA

commercial solar panels

We finally decided to invest in a solar system to manufacture our own energy because of the Federal Tax Credit and other incentives. We received several proposals but chose KC Green Energy because of their professionalism in their approach and presentation, technical knowledge and system design, price competitiveness, and knowledge of roofs. Their roofing division guided us in terms of which buildings would make the most sense to install the solar system and what type of roofing system and specification is best for under a new solar system. Their combined expertise in solar and roofing was the deciding factor because of their “Single Source” service for solar and roofing. Having a single source contractor eliminates the potential for “misses in overall design or execution and” finger-pointing between a roofing contractor and solar contractor down the road should warranty issues be involved.  We are happy with our solar investment and our relationship with Kautz Construction, owners of KC Green Energy and Kautz Roofing, both as a solar system supplier and a roofing supplier.


What Our Customers Say Steve - Strasburg, PA

Hess Ground Solar Image

We wanted to go to solar due to the rising and unpredictable cost of electricity, and it also seemed like a good long-term investment for my family. I received proposals from two other companies. Both of these companies were higher in price and did not make me feel like they really knew what they were talking about. KC Green Energy gave me the best customer satisfaction. They explained everything in detail. I felt very comfortable with them as we worked through the initial process and paperwork. We had several days of severe rain when the ground mount installation began. Then the temperature dropped and the ground froze. The installation crew worked through these problems and ended with an excellent job. At no point during the process did KC Green Energy come back to me with excuses or reasons to put the job on hold. I was very impressed. The paperwork, installation, and final start-up went very smoothly and without a problem. It was a good experience with an excellent end product. I have highly recommended KC Green Energy to friends and family. The commitment to excellence impressed me.


How We Work

The KC Green Energy implementation process is designed to be simple and to offer you a custom solar energy system designed to meet your needs. It all starts when you contact us. First, we do a thorough site analysis to determine how a solar system could be set up and how much it could help you.

Next, we conduct a power analysis by examining your current power usage and bills. We can help you see how much you can save with solar energy. Once we’ve reviewed our findings with you, we can start submitting paperwork. We’re even able to offer financing assistance, should you need it.

At every step of the way, our team stays professional and courteous, bringing the highest caliber of service to your home. We work with North American-manufactured components and our team members have roofing and electrical expertise to ensure everything is installed correctly. For your home or business, we take care of all the details so you can enjoy worry-free energy and cost savings.

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Our Process

  • Step 1
    We review your site
    and electric bill
  • Step 2
    We provide you
    with a quote
  • Step 3
    Once you decide to move forward, we provide you with
    a contract and installation schedule
  • Step 4
    We complete and submit
    all required paperwork
  • Step 5
    We find the most convenient time for you to begin your installation