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Tom and Jeannie - York, PA

Jeannie had been very interested in "green" solutions to daily living and wanted to make an effort to go "green" with our energy consumption. I agreed to participate in the solar presentation and became very interested in the overall cost savings. We chose KC Green Energy because we were impressed with their experience in both the electric and roofing industries. We were also impressed with their commitment to using solar products manufactured entirely in the United States. The salesperson we met knew his products and could answer all of our questions. They worked very well with us and gave us a competitively priced and well-designed system. The workers were polite, professional and proficient. They respected our property throughout the entire process. KC Green Energy made our conversion to solar quick and easy. They handled all the paperwork for the State, our electric utility company, and the company that will handle our SRECs. Our system was installed in a timely fashion, and with virtually no problems. They gave us an approximate date of installation and delivered in the promised timeframe. They are true professionals in the building industry. Our 2010 electric bill for the current period without the solar installation was $285.00. Our 2011 electric bill for the same period with solar is $33.00. It was really an easy decision!!

Steve - Strasburg, PA

We wanted to go to solar due to rising and predictable cost of electricity, and it also seemed like a good long-term investment for my family. I received proposals from two other companies. Both of these companies were higher in price and did not make me feel like they really knew what they were talking about. KC Green Energy gave me the best customer satisfaction. They explained everything in detail. I felt very comfortable with them as we worked through the initial process and paperwork. We had several days of severe rain when the ground mount installation began. Then the temperature dropped and the ground froze. The installation crew worked through these problems and ended with an excellent job. At no point during the process did KC Green Energy come back to me with excuses or reasons to put the job on hold. I was very impressed. The paperwork, installation, and final start up went very smoothly and without a problem. It was a good experience with an excellent end product. I have highly recommended KC Green Energy to friends and family. The commitment to excellence impressed me.

Scott and LaMae - Manheim, PA

After trying everything to cut down our electric use, our bills continued to soar. The first month our system was in operation our bill was drastically lower. We had not seen a bill that low in over 10 years. We chose KC Green Energy because our salesman, Tim Mays, was so knowledgeable about solar and the product that was offered that our minds were immediately at rest with our decision. Great care was taken to accommodate exactly what we wanted done. The panels, which are ground mounted, are actually a beautiful addition to the house. Everything was taken care of, from beginning to end. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Because of the quality and attention to detail, we would definitely recommend KC Green Energy and have already done so.

Hugh - Spring Grove, PA

I decided to go solar because I am concerned with all of the fossil fuel use on our environment. I researched companies from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and liked what KC Green Energy offered. They were very honest and up-front about costs and expectations. I have recommended them six or seven times. KC Green Energy was courteous, professional, and efficient in all respects: sales presentation - installation - filing of paperwork. I could not have asked for more.

Pete - Lititz, PA

I have been interested in renewable energy for many years. When the financial return was favorable, we made the move. I chose KC Green Energy because I was impressed by the technical knowledge of the salesperson and the detailed financial analysis. The sales and management team were knowledgeable, professional, honest, and straightforward. They said what they were going to do and they made it happen. The sales presentation was low pressure, knowledge-based, and very responsive. Both the electrical installation team and the rooftop installation team were polite, punctual, knowledgeable, and hardworking. They were conscientious about cleanliness and making the installation look good. We wanted to get our installation completed before the end of 2010, and the installation team worked New Year's Eve day to get the job done. Since we have begun producing electricity, we have been very pleased with the output. The original estimation of the system production has been very accurate. Our entire experience has been great.

Larry and Kim - Aspers, PA

We built a new house that is 95% electric. We will be retiring within the next ten years, and with the rising costs of electric, we needed to find a method to offset our electric bill. We did research on several companies and chose KC Green Energy because we were impressed with their approach and knowledge of solar installations, along with their background in roofing construction and electrical work. The sales team that met with us was very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, accommodating, and thorough. We would recommend KC Green Energy to our friends and family, and already have. Our experience was easy and caused us no stress or complaints. Working with KC Green Energy was very refreshing. The customer service was excellent. You don't get that very often in today's world. We are pleased with the experience of working with the staff of KC Green Energy.

Andy and Rachel - Lancaster, PA

When considering taking the "green leap" to go solar, my wife and I had a lot of questions and doubts. After meeting with three solar companies, we were sure we made the right choice with KC Green Energy. We took comfort in the confidence of the KCGE staff and knew we were going to get what we wanted. After the job was complete I was very impressed with the quality and integrity of the installation. Everything from the panel location, conduit, meter placement, etc. was done with attention to detail and without flaw. Knowing that the job was done right with quality American-made panels makes watching our electric meter spinning backwards all the more enjoyable.

Chad - Lebanon, PA

I would definitely recommend KC Green Energy to my family and friends. Not only did they have the best price per watt, they also offered mounting systems and solar panels that are far superior to those of their competitors. The workers were very efficient and were more than willing to answer any questions I had during the entire installation process.

Don - Lancaster, PA

As a financial adviser, going solar made perfect sense. It was both an impressive rate of return on my investment and a great way to be environmentally savvy. The decision to go with KC Green Energy also made perfect sense. With its parent company, Kautz Construction, having been in the business longer than any of the other companies I received bids from, KC Green Energy will undoubtedly be around to service my system for years to come no matter what changes with State and Federal rebates. The experts at KC Green Energy were prompt, professional, thorough, and courteous. The job was done right and completed without a hitch. On a scale of 1 to 10, my overall experience was a 10!

Wendell - Mohrsville, PA

I would absolutely recommend KC Green Energy to my friends and family. In fact, I have already done so! Everything that was presented to me in the sales pitch was delivered and my system is performing as promised. The KC Green Energy team was professional and extremely knowledgeable about the requirements for both the rebate and the interconnection with my utility company. The help I received with analyzing the financial information made my choice so much easier.

Russel - Hanover, PA

Our property has complete sun and with the price of electric continually increasing, we thought why not use what we have. We chose KC Green Energy because they are more than a solar company. Their parent company, Kautz Construction, has many years of experience in the industry, which means they don’t subcontract their work. The sales and management team at KC Green Energy is helpful, knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. Their friendly approach made us feel very comfortable and we appreciated that they took care of all of the paperwork!

Karl - Dover, PA

I have already recommended KC Green Energy to my neighbor and brother-in-law and I have spoken highly of solar and the company to fellow workers and friends. Even though I purchased a small system, they attended to any question I had very quickly and treated me as if I was one of their bigger clients. Their workers were professional, courteous, and efficient; not only to me, but to my home and property. Everyone that I had contact with seemed friendly and knowledgeable about the job they performed. I now have had my system for about three months and have seen the expected drop in my electric bill.


Jason and Stephanie - Elizabethtown, PA

We decided to go solar because it seemed like it would be a very good financial investment. We had received a total of three proposals. We chose KC Green Energy after receiving good feedback from previous customers, as well as the discount incentive program through my wife's job. Your company was very fast and friendly to deal with, and very straight-forward and guiding in the process. Your sales and management team was very good. KC Green Energy's workers were speedy and detail oriented. We are very pleased with the fit and finish of your work making our experience smooth sailing. We would recommend you because you are very professional and are good at what you do.


Kevin and Kelly - Thomasville, PA

With the price of oil, gas and electric continuing to rise every year, we were hoping to hold down our electric heating and cooling costs, and reduce the carbon emissions we produce every year, helping the environment. We checked the prices of three companies, with KC Green Energy being one of the three. Two other people we knew have had systems done by KC and commented on the work they did. KC was the only company with the panels made in the USA, and could set us up with 36 panels, whereas the other competitors needed more for the same system price. Our salesman was very easy to talk to and he explained things on a level we could understand. We didn't have to acquire permits or applications to have the job started, KC Green Energy handled it for us. The workers were very courteous and they explained everything that they were doing. They also cleaned up well. We are happy with the quality of work, and our overall experience was good. Our meter setup was delayed, but KC worked with us and the utility company to resolve all issues. We have already recommended your company to numerous friends and also to all who see the sign in our yard. We have received our state rebate which required no effort on our part. KC Green Energy took care of all the paperwork.

Derek & Marit

We decided to go solar because we thought it was both a financial investment and good for the environment. Some of our friends and neighbors already had solar panels on their homes and highly recommended KC Green Energy. We liked the fact that they had been in business for a long time and were a local company. Their pricing was competitive, and they were helpful in fulfilling our solar needs. KC Green’s sales team was very professional, and all the information they gave us was accurate. We are glad we went solar and enjoy checking on our energy production. It is a good feeling that we are using clean energy that has little impact on our environment.

Bart & Lucy

Ours reasons for installing a solar electric system were because it was a smart, long-term energy saving option for us, and it was our contribution towards reducing our carbon footprint. We first discovered KC Green Energy at the Lancaster Home Show and after doing comparisons with other companies, we chose KC Green due to their quality USA products and best value proposition. Their sales and management teams were very knowledgeable and professional, and their installation crews were respectful and very thorough. We are very satisfied with the quality of their work, and it has been an overall great experience for us.

Ray & Kathleen

We decided to install our solar array to help the environment and save money on our electric bills. Our reasons for choosing KC Green Energy were their expertise in the sales and installation of the solar panels, and most importantly, for the honesty of their salesperson, Jim. The workers were very courteous, respectful, hardworking, and cleaned up as they worked. When they left our home each day, you would have never known that they had been there. KC Green Energy was one of the best companies that we have hired to do work on our home. They have great people working for them.

Jim & Charlene

We decided to install a solar electric system to lessen our carbon impact and our utility bill. By choosing KC Green Energy, we were able to do both economically. We were impressed with the honesty of their salesman, Jim. He presented our installation in realistic terms. This and the background of KC Green made our choice easy. Their workers were professional and good at their jobs. They made sure we understood our system. We have already recommended KC Green Energy to our friends. With the performance we are receiving from our system and the economical nature of the investment, we can’t understand why more people and businesses wouldn’t opt to go solar!

Jim & Sara

I always knew that some day solar power would be possible since my college days in the 70’s when I sponsored energy forms at school. I just waited until the technology was there for an affordable price for the project to move forward. I chose KC Green Energy for my installation because they demonstrated the best technical skills, with the most experience, and engaged head long in solar energy installation. KC Green was prompt, clear, transparent, and extremely high touch customer satisfaction through careful listening and detailing options. Their sales and management team were expert, competent, and willing to research what they didn’t know instead of giving pat answers. Their installation crews were professional, clean, and courteous. They went the extra mile to interact with me and explain their work. I would describe my overall experience with KC Green as fantastic, and I am very satisfied. I have already recommended a friend who is very satisfied with her installation, and I want others to enjoy the completeness that KC Green does for them as well.
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KC Green Energy is an expert in solar power, solar energy and solar panels in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.. Having green renewable energy through solar panels will reduce your annual energy costs and save hundreds or thousands of dollars for your home or business over the lifetime of the equipment. Our headquarters are located in Lancaster, PA just a short distance from Philadelphia, PA.