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Why should I get solar power?

With growing nationwide energy concerns regarding the environment, global economy, and national security Americans need to start taking it upon themselves to make a difference. This difference starts with your own homes and businesses. Energy sources are becoming more and more scarce on a daily basis, and with scarcity comes higher prices. Electricity rates have been consistently on the rise and will continue to do so for many years to come. Because of this it is very important to become self-sustaining. Solar electric systems are a primary solution to protecting you from rising utility prices and also have great number of other benefits.

The Benefits of Solar Power

  • Save money by reducing or eliminating your electricity bill
  • Protect yourself by fixing your electricity costs and hedging against future rising electricity rates
  • Generate your own emission-free, environmentally friendly clean electricity
  • Invest money into and increase the property value of your home or business, not your utility company
  • Enjoy a 25-30 year performance warranty on your solar panels
  • Enjoy a 25 year parts and labor warranty on micro inverters and 10 years or greater on string inverters
  • Bank your extra energy in the local utility-grid through net-metering
  • Enjoy the opportunity to make a profit through selling your Solar Renewable Energy Credits
  • Solar energy requires very little maintenance
  • The sun is an energy source that is neither going to run out or rise in price
  • There are no lifestyle changes, use solar power the same way that you currently use electricity
  • Protect our nation’s security by decreasing our dependency on foreign oil
  • Federal, state, and local tax credits are available nationwide for clean energy systems
  • With a battery backup system or generator you will be beyond prepared for the event of a power outage or disaster in the sense of energy security and independence

Federal Tax Credit:

Tax Credit equal to 30% of the total system cost with no cap! The Federal Government has authorized a federal tax credit for 30% of the total cost of solar electric systems until 2019. This credit can be carried forward to future tax years.





Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs):
The energy your solar electric system produces creates renewable energy credits that are worth money. One SREC is produced for every 1,000 kWh of electricity produced. Utilities and other entities are required to own an annually increasing percentage of electricity produced from renewable sources. The SRECs your system produces can be sold or traded separately from the electric power. SRECs greatly reduce the payback time frame for both commercial and residential systems and will continue to provide annual income as credits are generated throughout the life of your system. KC Green Energy can install the proper equipment and register your system so you can earn revenue by selling these credits.

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Net Metering:

Net metering is the essence of solar. Your utility company will install a bi-directional meter, with the ability to record energy in two directions. When the sun is shining, your meter will spin backwards, providing you a credit. During the night, you will draw electric from the grid against the credit that you have created. The utility company will only charge you the net difference of what you have consumed from the grid. If you have produced more energy than consumed, that energy will be sold to the grid and you will receive credit which can carry from month to month. This means that a great solar production month like July will carry a credit to offset your bill in a high usage/lower solar production month like January.

In most states, Utility companies are required to purchase excess generation beyond your annual usage. If you end up with a credit at the end of the year, you can actually receive a check from the utility for the excess electric!


Accelerated Depreciation: (commercial only)

Reduce your taxable income and save your cash!

For tax purposes, solar electric systems are treated similar to the equipment you use for your business (trucks, computers, machines, etc.) This means that businesses can write off the cost of the system using tax deductions. Using the federal MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System) depreciation schedule, you can write off/depreciate the entire system cost in 6 years.


Click on the following link for information on additional Incentives and Programs Available:

Upgrading to Solar Is Easy!

KC Green Energy is a leader in contracting and installing solar electric systems. We take care of everything and it’s all done in-house without any third parties involved, so we can guarantee your satisfaction. If you have any questions about upgrading to solar, feel free to contact us at any time. Our highly-trained consultants are available to speak with you and help determine a solution that is best for your property and budget.

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KC Green Energy is an expert in solar power, solar energy and solar panels in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.. Having green renewable energy through solar panels will reduce your annual energy costs and save hundreds or thousands of dollars for your home or business over the lifetime of the equipment. Our headquarters are located in Lancaster, PA just a short distance from Philadelphia, PA.